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I've never felt like a normal child like outside having fun with friends. I had fear of people to our door or walking down the street and retreated to thebedroom or crossed the street. Later as I got older I stayed mostly in my bedroom rocking frantically for hours and also got into a trance like state. This is how relaxed my tension and anxiety. I'm sure this is inherited somewhat but boy I had a numbing childhood. Trying lots of meds but can't really find the one that will calm me down and enjoy my life .

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That is very sad. You were robbed of a childhood by constantly being in fear. While we all are born predisposed to dispositions, more likely than some to acquire illness or disorder a strong genetic component suggested. I can't help but think something must've happened to you that was quite traumatic that you can't consciously remember or don't want to

Or were simply too young to remember. No one is born to just assume that state. I truly hope you continue to search for the help that you need so that one day you can experience life, & joy devoid of constant anxiety & fear. Bless you

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