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Family loss

Connie981 name is Cindy. My mom recently passed away. My sister was her care-taker, and I have now found that my sister embezzled all of my mother's money. Not only that, my sister shared the money with my brother. So, I just lost my mom, and my brother and sister!!! My family does not exist anymore. I am so overwhelmed. I have constant panic attacks....I am seeing my doctor today. Has anyone out there ever gone through something like this? I still cannot wrap my head around what my siblings have done. I have been very close to my sister for years. I never had a reason to mistrust her. And everything is now gone...regarding any family. Please share if you have gone through this...and how you coped.

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Hi conie 981, sorry to hear that .I went through the same about my mother I lost her one month ago it has been very difficult every day I remember something about her I understand you and it will get easier you will see about Y your sister well just let it go forgive it's my best advice take care.


Im sorry you had to go through this. But your not alone this happens much more often than ppl think. It's sad but true. You have to make a personal choice on wiether or not you can at this point or any point forgive. It's hard but weigh it out and do your best to move on. Take care .hang in there

I am sorry. Unfortunately this is common especially when an elder is sick and or has passed. Sorry for the loss of your mom. Perhaps in time if you feel like it you could find out why you were not included. Not being included is a very tough place to be. I hope that you remember good times with your mom.

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