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Please listen to my story

Hi I like to talk about some things that have triggered my anxiety there's a lot though so please bare with me first I'll start with when I was 7 I was kidnapped from a park and molested I have resentment towards my mom because of this since I feel at 7 I was to young to be walking to parks alone with my 6 year old brother I feel like this was wrong especially since I have a 7 year old girl

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I'm so sorry that happened to you, have you ever confronted your Mom about that? That is horrible. Do you have trust issues also? I was molested at around the same age by a family friend and my Mom didn't believe me, but my Dad did, now I'm a very protective mom with 3 girls and I have severe anxiety and depression also a lot of trust issues with everyone.


I have sever trust issues and also chronic anxiety I can't really talk to my mom there's alot more that I should go into about her she has alot to do with my anxiety she was a drug addict when I was 12-19 at the age of 14 her best friend molested me in my sleep I slept with knives under my pillows and I told her about that me and 5 other girls took him to court and she said to me she didn't want to believe it cuz of the drugs also when I just had my daughter in 2010 which was the year after we went to court she finally told me that she stopped him from killing himself because he was inlove with me he was 45 and I was 15 at that time


Hi Shannon I changed my profile


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