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I am just seeking information on anxiety.... I do not have healthcare so I am wondering what are some helpful things I can do help with what I think is anxiety, that will be inexpensive. I suffer from negative thinking and over thinking, I sometimes jump to conclusions, have problems with self worth, always feel like I owe people something.... Its been and is becoming a big problem in my life and affecting more things than one.

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  • I recognize these symptoms & because of your symptoms and you dealing with this for awhile it is doubtful you wi be able to treat this successfully on your own. A lot of us don't have a lot of money, but if you're in the states or even Uk, Canada, Australia, etc there is free health care might not be top notch but it will get you to a dr. It sounds like you may have GAD, social issues, clinical depression, & possibly OCD without the rituals but the obsessive, repetitive thoughts. This all is a chemical

    Ibalance in your brain & isn't something you can think away. Your brain isn't operating right & needs treatment to get the chemicals balanced. Living without treatment is terrifying, exhausting & long term can manifest into physical illnesses as well, going untreated severely compromises the quality of life &

    You like everyone deserve to feel good & experience, love, laughter & happiness & normal thoughts not abnormal ones.

    I would advise to contact your loca state, city, county, social services see what you need to dig up for insurance for no cost or minimal copay. Contact hospitals ask for referrals to

    Mental health clinics explai your situation Thinking over time becomes a habit so your continued negative thinking is now a habit & normal for your brain so along with medication to balance your chemical imbalance, depression I would also seek cognitive therapy to relearn healthy thought patterns. I wish you the best. I am very confident if you take this advice & stay persistent you will find & get the help you need it takes time but you will get better if you want to.

    All the best ......

  • Try the local library. Might find a book about anxiety to read or u-tube to watch about anxiety.

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