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Anxiety (school and life)

Hi guys,

I have had anxiety for a couple of years now, but I have always denied it and didn't want to admit it because I think people would judge me or see me different. I finally one day couldn't take it anymore and I finally admitted and accepted that I have anxiety. I am not a very social person, but once someone gets know me I am an open book. I have a very low self-esteem and don't have confidence in myself. I am currently enrolled in school and I want to be a pediatric nurse for kids who have cancer. I am not the best student but I do try to do my best. Sometimes I do not do my work or show up to wok because I think that I am not good enough or I am not motivated. I've recently been put on medication but I feel like it is not working I still feel that same. I do not know how to stay motivated in school. I feel dumb, at times I study for test and I end up failing them because once I see the test my mind goes blank. I also haven't passed the TEAS test which is an entrance exam for nursing school but I have been close to passing it. I want to know how to stay motivated and feel good about myself. I am always anxious about everything.

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To stay motivated and to feel good about yourself you 1st have to get your medication working for you. That means you need to report to the doctor that it's not helping you. Report exactly what your symptoms are: your anxiety and/or depression symptoms. That will tell the doctor that he/she needs to up the dosage or change to a different drug. Don't wait for an appointment, call the doctor's office and leave a message for the doctor. It will take way too long to get the drug working right if you wait for an appointment to tell him/her about the drug not working.

Once you have the medication working right you should have more motivation to keep up with classwork and tests. If you still draw a blank when you get to a test, you need to let a guidance counselor know. If that doesn't accomplish anything, let a teacher know or someone who will do something about it. You might need to take the test in a different place than the classroom. Think about that and if that would help. Where could you go to take the test and would that allow you to relax and start to be able to actually answer the questions?The library? In a different classroom?

You should be in counseling regularly. That means about 1 time a week or two. You need it quite a bit to learn how to cope with your anxiety and any depression plus your low self esteem. Your counselor is on your side and will show you how to believe in yourself and to feel good about yourself. There's just so much for that person to cover you'll need to meet often.

You can go online to Psychology Today to look at counselors' philosophies, specialties (adolescents), education, charges, sliding scale discounts, and so forth. I wish you the best of health and a bright future in nursing!


I totally understand how you feel, I've been dealing with anxiety my whole life. It's awful and stressful. Have you tried talking out your anxiety with your friends at family? Also make sure you get plenty of sleep


Kimberly, the anxiety feeling can make you feel like you can't concentrate and therefore your self esteem goes down. Ask any therapist, it makes it hard to concentrate. If you are on meds it takes a while for them to work, anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks I was told. Some people respond sooner. I am proud of you for going into nursing. I though about that but did not go into it. Your focus will return when you feel less anxious. It all takes a little time. Keep up the good work. I know the feeling and symptoms. You are not alone. Keep in touch with your Dr. And hope you have a therapist, it really helps.


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Your career choice sounds amazing. I do sympathise as I had depression if not anxiety at school. I now help people. Pm me anytime or just reply here.


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