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Needing any advice, thank you


I am new desperate need to get rid of this awful feeling I have everyday for the past 2 years now. I feel better at night but feel so yucky every morning when I wake up. Nausea, hot flashes and when I try to go back to sleep I have frightening thoughts that don't make any sense. I understand I have depression with anxiety, social phobia and moderate panic. So awful to live like this. Am having trouble forgiving myself for my past sins that have brought me to this time in my life, and coping with any symptoms that I was perhaps born with. Any help out there? Just knowing someone cares is helpful. Thank you again.

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I'd like to say to help with the thoughts you should listen to music to calm your nerves if needed to help with the morning feeling keep the music playing lightly as you sleep. (Nothing like rock or anything that's shaky classical music may work best) For anxiety and all of that try to boost your self-esteem so you don't down yourself don't be afraid of failure because you'll do great. Also any of the fine-arts are great for calming the nerves. I hope you feel better. Also Udon Tea will help with the sleep problem if its too bitter it works well with honey instead of straight sugar.

Thank you Clayton for the advice. I never tried Udon Tea. I hope that will help me to sleep better. I'll try the music therapy while also. I feel as though my whole body is a literal bundle of nerves. I didn't have access to WI FI and chaos is reigning in my life is why I haven't responded sooner.

I would suggest the app Ananda- it's a customized music therapy app with brain waves proven to lessen anxiety- I have it on for 12 hours at a time while i sleep and through my morning and it works wonders

I am so sorry you feel this way. Know that you are not alone! I have similar symptoms as You. My suggestions are:

- Find a psychiatrist and get on medication (unless you are opposed)

- Find a talk therapist- they can help to teach you coping skills, give you resources, and it's nice to have a someone nonjudgemental to speak to

- learn more about your anxiety, depression, and panic by reading books on the topic or looking online

- Try different coping mechanisms and see what works best for you- I like CBT and DBT skills.

- if you have any in your area, take part in a support group or some sort of anxiety skills class

- because this has been happening for a long time it sounds pretty severe. If it's doable for you, try getting into a partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient program for anxiety. I did this a few months ago for about 4 weeks and it was very valuable

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Hi Ajax-was wondering what CBT and DBT therapy is? I guess I should have mentioned that I have been seeing a marriage, family therapist for quite awhile now, a bereavement counselor and was prescribed a drawer full of meds. that I couldn't tolerate for the full 6-8 week time. I am even concerned about joining a support group since I am so uncomfortable in my own skin. I feel like I am a pain in everyone's neck. I am a mess! I could tell everyone my complete story but I am so ashamed of my actions and feel I am getting everything I deserve. I wouldn't mind sharing with anyone if that could help me or anyone else.

I hope you are feeling better and able to enjoy life. Sorry to take so long to respond. Thank you......

You are a valuable wonderful person! God will forgive even the lowest of the low. You need to forgive yourself. I don’t know that I have guilt but everything else you said makes me think we are twins! All of us here have our demons! Getting them out and accepting what was and focusing on what is to come is the only way to move on. You can’t change the past. The future isn’t here yet nor is it promised. You need to learn to live for today. Forgive yourself! God does. You may not be a believer. That’s okay too but you have to forgive yourself! You are worthy! We are not here to judge. You have nothing to be ashamed of here. We are all here with our own demons. Focus on the here and now because anything else is out of your control.

I just joined this site tonight. I want you to know I suffered for more years than I can count with very similar situations and just finally decided to get help and talk with someone about a month ago. I suggest a therapist. I go to one where I live, but there are even online therapists and you can Skype with them if you are not comfortable in person. I finally learned I have to help myself with the shame , guilt, and overwhelming anxiety that is literally debilitating to me. I wake up every morning the exact same way. Heart is racing, sweating palms, a thousand thoughts and feeling of doom flooding through my head. I went through childhood trauma that my therapist says aided in why I wake up feeling that way. I am used to chaos and uncertainty so therefore my body has always reacted that way. I can sympathize with you. I hope me sharing a piece of my story helps and my suggestion is begin some type of therapy and just see if it's right for you. Also, possibly check into a psychiatrist. Good luck with everything. Keep your head up.

Thank you Laura. Am sorry that so many people are going through these awful feelings when life can be so wonderful. I am seeing a bereavement counselor, a marriage family therapist and was prescribed many meds. from a psychiatrist. The meds. each one actually made me feel worse and was afraid to continue on for the full 6-8 weeks. I have suffered the past few years with all my traumas and mistakes from my past years catching up to me. I have also been in counseling with a pastor from the church I have been reluctantly attending as I have such social anxiety. I am a mess. I can share my story with anyone who is interested. I just need feedback and hopefully reassurance. One person has suggested Udon Tea to help with sleep. I also have tried Gabba supplements, L-Tyresine, 5-HTP and various others. Never thought I could feel so out of control and life would seem so surreal. I am sorry to not respond sooner. I really appreciate any and all advice. I hope you are feeling better and enjoying life! Thank you.....

I'm seconding the ideas to see a psychiatrist a for possible meds and a counselor for talk therapy for everything else. Both are typical therapies for your problems. I have both anxiety and depression which tend to occur together. But I don't live with them because I'm treated. I live a happy, normal existence and wouldn't have it any other way. I can't see living with anxiety or depression when help is available. I hope you also break free of these problems, get treated and live a wonderful life full of the good things that life can bring to you!

Hi Bonnie Sue, so happy to hear you are able to live with anxiety and depression and enjoy life. I want to break free and live life with peace of mind. Can you tell me of any specific advice you have learned? I don't know if you can read the above posts-anyway I have seen a psychiatrist-meds. prescribed, I was unable to tolerate well. I have taken supplements, and see a marriage, family therapist, a bereavement counselor and pastor of a church I attend. My anxiety, social phobias and depression continue. I have a lot of guilt and shame. I wish at this time, in my "golden years" I could enjoy the remainder of my life. I have limited WI-FI right now. Sorry to not respond sooner. Thank you Bonnie.....

Yes, I have read all of the other posts. You seem to have a need to talk about the things that you are ashamed you want to explain them here or would you like to talk about them in a private message to just 1 person like me? Would either of these options work for you? If not, then let's drop that subject.

Confessing your shame and feeling forgiven is an awesomely freeing thing. If you feel the need to ask anyone's forgiveness, that should always come first. Always. Do that now if it needs doing.

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I'm going to write to you for now in a private message because you haven't locked your post yet and it's open to the whole world right now. Also because I intend to refer to God and religion and we're not supposed to do much of that on this site. See you later!


Have you asked God to forgive your sins? He does so seventy times 7. Remember God is manloving and merciful!

God Bless you and keep the faith!


I think a discussion with a counselor, or in group therapy, to discuss those topics might be a good idea, if you are ready...a good night's sleep cannot be undervalued, and you deserve it!

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