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Concern for my son

I just joined today with the hope of getting advice about my 23 year old son. He was diagnosed with anxiety and social anxiety. Has tried a few medications that worked for a short time and counseling. My husband and I have been holding back letting him try to sort through this. He went to school for three semesters then dropped out. Currently working at a local pizza place making very little money. Having difficulty paying car payment and insurance. He seems stuck. How do I/we help? Feel helpless

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Hello Slucier, Welcome to our site, so glad you found us. I want to warn you I am going to be brutally honest in my opinions to you. I have sons and it's what I would want. I understand the pain of watching your child struggle and not helping them. Your son is a man now and should be well on his way to being independent . The more you do for him the less capable he believes himself to be. I'm not suggesting you throw him out of the house but he should be covering that car payment and insurance payment. If he loses the car it will be a hard lesson, but it probably will never come to that. You might make a deal to help him with the car if he goes back to school. I know it's difficult with anxiety , I did it so I know it can be done. I wonder if you and your husband would see a counselor ? It could make a real difference . In the end though you are going to have to let go , and I think you know that already. Pam


Thanks Pam you are absolutely right. I have to let go!


The hardest thing you'll ever have to do. Pam


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