Single mom failing my son

Single mom failing my son

I planned on surprising my son on his 7th birthday with a puppy but considering I purchased him 2 weeks before my sister can no longer keep him at her place. She texted me this morning saying she couldn't take it anymore. I feel like a let down because even when I try it never works out in my favor. I am so sick of being let down and not being able to control the disappointments in my life! My life took a turn when I was told by my fiance that we should take a break which lead into a break up and things have really been rough. Here I am trying to pick up the pieces in my life and I had to withdraw my son from his school because I had very little or close to no support from his father. I can't do it alone...He loves this puppy but unfortunately I am back at my parents house due to the break up and they cannot have puppies due to restrictions on the lease. I thought I had a plan but turns out if I cannot directly help myself then I might as well be prepared to be let down. I keep telling myself that things will get better but as of now I can't see it and I damn sure can't feel it! I have become very depressed and find myself hiding out in the restroom at work to cry. I need help!!!!

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  • it makes you worry because you think your failing you son , been there before keep plugging away when hes older he will understand try having a word with your parents before things spiral and you can always use these forums , things can get better I don't want to give you any of the old clichés but someone will listen , try the doctor if you get worse it might surprise you x

  • Hey there, sometimes as mothers we feel like disappointments to our children when we can satisfy their needs but we and they have to understand that sometimes things doesn't always go as planned and things happen, it's just a little setback, I have to pick up the pieces and itself and get on the good foot Baby girl, I know the shit hurt right now but it's ur fiance lost!, I AS a mother got to stay on the grind and do what's best for itself and son. Keep prayer first and I hope I was some kind of help to u

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