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Finally feeling better...but still a battle every day

Just wanted to share with you that after two long weeks of blaming, beating up, being miserable, etc., that my prescription that was initially denied by my insurance is now approved and I can move on. Got the call yesterday and it was amazing how much of a burden was lifted. I was so down on myself through this whole process...I could have refilled the script in mid January, but having had some left over, I figured I would with all of my others. It was denied on 1/31 and I was out of it. I felt so horrible and I'm sure we've all been there with the evil insurance companies. If I had filled it on the date on the bottle, I could have had enough for the month and not blamed myself for the shit storm that was the past 2 weeks. In the bigger picture, this is a minor to most people this is not a big thing. But to me (and us) this becomes an issues. I obsessed between calling the doctor's office, ins co, pharmacy co, etc, just to get some kind of control. It was a real bad 2 weeks. I don't understand why I treat myself the way I do, why I jump to the worst case scenario right away, don't trust my decisions, etc. I promised myself that when this ordeal was solved that I would do the best I could with whatever hiccup/bump in the road comes next. I'm not helping's definitely taken a toll mentally and physically. But I need to know this and it's going to take some time to 'reprogram', so to speak, my reactions and other issues. I'm going to increase my therapy sessions for the next month and feel confident I am on the path to getting and feeling better and making 'wellness'/self-care #1, but also knowing it's going to take time.

Wanted to share my good and happy news! I hope everyone is okay.

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Congratulations! You weathered the storm and now the rewards will be yours! Wishing and hoping the best of outcomes for you!

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