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All of the above :'(

not really sure how to start I'm not one to talk about things easily I can honestly say I have had just about all I can cope with, I haven't had a childhood as I was kicked up not brought up in not the same person I used to be that's for sure the things I have been through and seen would have driven people mad just thinking about it it does me every day I take so many medications I'm not surprised I shake when I jump I will probably never get rid of depression or anxiety due to what I have been and going through ever day and will go through every day as each day seems to be worse than the last

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I'm sorry to hear you're living days that aren't pleasant or good to be around for. What is it you don't like about your life? What has happened to you that's ruining your life today? I think you may need to have some counseling to discuss these things and to let go of the way they are hurting you and affecting your daily life. You may need to change some tings in your life also, but you can discuss this with a counselor who only has your best interests in mind.

You can look at the website of Psychology Today to see counselors' philosophies, education, fees, specialties and insurance accepted. Also you can ask your other Drs. who they recommend. If you see your Dr. or even a psychiatrist, you can be put on a medicine that may help you. Between the medical management and the counseling you may feel significantly better within 4-6 weeks. That's something to look forward to! Take care of you, please.


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