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Hello! I am new here. I'm a 22 year old man who suffers from anxiety disorder for almost 5 years now. It started actually when I was a kid but these 5 years makes me uncomfortable and worried. This condition affects my life like sleeping habit, socialization, even lovelife. What made it worst is sometimes during working hours.

I hate the fact that it's like a roller coaster of emotions. Weird thing is I am ok now then suddenly a wave of sorrows appears in my head and it makes me cry without even know the reason. I already consulted my friend but he doubted me and treat it like a joke. Due to my persistent now he believes what I'm going through.

Most of the time I attack by this condition during night and alone. I know I don't feel loneliness and all, even though I'm independent now for almost 4 years. More like this condition makes me uneasy and acting like a freak. Making me cry at night, sudden pain in my chest and difficulty in breathing was the worst thing to happen.

Whenever I see a teddy bear I badly wanted to buy it to conquer it , even when I'm alone. But due to my ego and I'm quit shy to carry it way back from home (You know I'm a full grown man carrying a teddy bear hahaha). So I just ignored every teddy's I see.

My friend ask me to consult a therapist. My question is how? I am a bit reluctant and doesn't want to open up to the person that I didn't know. One thing it is very expensive. I wish this site would help me, so I know what is the root of this unexplainable feeling. Thanks in advance

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You're describing both depression and anxiety. They usually exist together and you are no exception. Five years is a long time to go without treatment. You need to see a doctor and a counselor. You appear to not speak English as a first language and that complicates things a little bit. Ideally you need to see a psychiatrist and let that Dr. diagnose your type of depression and anxiety and determine the medicines most likely to work for you. The counselor talks with you and helps you deal with your symptoms and to understand what you're going through and how to deal with it.

If money is a problem you can go online at Psychology Today and look at counselors to find one who charges on a sliding scale according to your income. You can look for psychiatrists here also. You can ask around with friends or family for recommendations from their doctors' offices. Most doctors have lists of specialists they refer their patients to. You can look online at sites like Healthgrades for reviews on psychiatrists. Counselors often work on a church property and charge on a sliding scale. You don't have to belong to the church or believe in God.

So the root of your problems is depression and anxiety. This often runs in families but can also be situational. Your 1st few appointments with a Dr. and a counselor may feel uncomfortable and you may be nervous but that's normal. Also normal is that you will begin to relax after a few app'ts. and feel more comfortable and have less trouble talking about yourself. You'll get seen sooner by the Dr. if you accept to be on a list to come in if there's a cancellation. Otherwise it can take a month or two for a psych Dr. to have an opening.

Do you have any questions for me? Ask away if I forgot something or if you have a question. I hope you get seen by a Dr. soon and get on your way to feeling much better!

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Thank Ma'am, I will put a note on that. We have a psych near my town but I am still afraid to go there.


There is nothing to fear, You can tell your shrink any thing, they have heard it all before. The advice given to you by SueSz is exactly what you should do. Now, about that Teddy bear, buy one, buy it on line if that feels safer. Get something to keep it in, like an old brief case at a thrift shop, something that locks. If that brings you any comfort why shouldn't you have one. If I thought a TB would make me feel better I would have a whole room of them. One more thing, be careful what you tell your friends. I'm not comfortable sharing medical information with friends, family and professionals only , and on this forum of course. You will soon be well again if you put some effort into it and follow your Dr.s advice. Pam


Why are you afraid? Where would you have to go to not be afraid? Farther away? 1st appointments are the worst, but it gets easier after that.

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