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Hello my name is Mike

Hi everyone my name is Mike and I've struggled with anxiety and depression my whole life. My goal is to liberate myself from this limiting mentality and to feel free once and for all. I know once I recognize what I'm doing wrong and acquire a better way of thinking I will progress. Still feel stuck and frustrated. Grateful for this platform to connect to others who understand what this feels like. Looking forward to talking with you


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Hello Mike, thank you for sharing this with us and welcome! I feel very similar, like I don't really know what's causing me to be anxious, but educating ourselves and trying to figure out what triggers anxiety etc is one of the first steps to recovery. It is true that anxiety is limiting and I know what you mean by that. Best of luck!

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Mike, have you suffered with candida overgrowth from taking antibiotics? Eating the right things and taking a probiotic can help. Sometimes when the gut is not balanced with good bacteria, it can cause anxiety. I am saying a prayer for you. 😊


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