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New to the Group!!

Hello all!! I am new to this group, but not new to anxiety. My first actual panic attack was around 7 years ago when my (then) husband was traveling back and forth across the country for work. I went into a treatment center and thought my life was GREAT!! Things were never better.

Fast forward 6 1/2 years...I had been losing weight for about 8 months..working out, running, eating healthy, lost 80 lbs!! And one night I had a few drinks with some friends and the next morning BAM! Panic attacks...all day, all night, no sleeping, no was awful. Went to the ER got some meds, saw my GP the next day, got back on my anxiety/depression meds..I was good to go again!

Until 2 months later when my husband and I divorced. PANIC ATTACK CITY!! I was hospitalized again and learned some great techniques to cope, but still every day can be a struggle. The divorce was final Dec 19 and I have been having panic attacks about once a month since then. I have been struggling with not only myself but my 2 children (17 and 13).

I am on meds and I am starting to see my therapist again, which I never should have stopped by the way, but life can still be rough. I am so glad to know that there are others out there feeling the same way. I cant wait to meet you all!!

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Hello Andrea and thank you for sharing your story with us! Welcome! I admire your perseverance and wish you all the best, anxiety sucks but we can beat it together.


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