How to ask GP for therapy refferal

I booked an app in hope GP will reffer me to some therapist.

I have years of sexual abuse history and I recently got a baby. I'm also struggling to reach common ground with my partner, as you may assume.

I don't know what to say when GP asks me what I came for. He will most likely ask me why I'd like refferal to therapy and I obviously don't want to self-diagnose myself but at the same time I don't think"Because of everything"would be a good reason either.

I can't focus and say what's my problem I just feel either really anxious and stressed and on other days quite down, any advice?

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  • Simply tell your GP, anxiety and depression. Make sure he knows it is worse than usual. Just be honest but you dont have to go into detail, thats what a therapist is for...

    I don't know the reason you need a referral to see a therapist, insurance or whatever but a therapist cant prescribe meds if you need them and a GP isnt the one who should be prescribing psych meds either.

  • I'm in UK and on NHS site it said to tell your GP so he could reffer you to some therapist or counsellor if there is some available, just wanted to see if I could get it like that since I can't really afford private one at the moment...I'm deff not thinking of antidepressants, I have a baby at home and don't think I can afford the lottery of antidepressant effects.

    Thanks I will go with that, I guess GPs don't really care to hear about it anyway so I'll keep it short.

  • Hello -

    You just have to be honest. If you feel like you will clam up, try writing the main points/feelings down on paper. I do this and it helps me.

    Could you take a friend or someone with you for support?

    Is it therapy/counselling only you want?

    Much love ❤️

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