Struggling to move forward through anxiety and panic attacks

I have suffered with anxiety and panic attacks since the age of 13 and for many years I have managed well with therapy and medication. Now at age 53, I find myself suffering again after having moved to a new state with my son and husband. A big change and not knowing anyone and having to find doctors and otherwise set up residence has been tough. I miss home and my friends but I am now suffering intense anxiety that is keeping me in a cycle of fear and from participating in life. Only I can do the work needed and to push through but that is tough.

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  • Yes, I know how tough that can be. Have you run out of your usual medications? That would make it all the more tougher. Please set up appointments asap for a psychiatrist and counselor to take care of yourself. I hope you still have enough of your meds to get you through until you see the new psychiatrist. You know how important that is.

    Moving away from all the people and businesses and doctors you know is really rough. I don't even want to think about it. You're doing something that is very, very tough. Can you call some of your friends? Maybe a different one each day for awhile? Write to others? Email some? What group can you join in your new location in order to get to know some new people where you've just moved? Can you walk the dog? That's a good way. Join a church group? Are you working somewhere besides home? What other ways can you think of to meet potential friends?

    If you need your meds, have you seen your prescribing doctor recently enough that his/her office can call a prescription in for you to a nearby pharmacy? It's worth a try and better than suffering unnecessarily. I wish you good health and hope you settle in very soon.

  • Thank you for your kind words of support. I am so lucky to have found this forum and during such a transition such as this. I have a PA I am seeing here and she is helping me with meds. It has been almost 6 months since we arrived here and half of that time was in an apartment, shopping and purchasing a home and two months of recovering from pneumonia and a sinus infection. All has taken its toll and so it is little wonder that I am anxious and don't feel like myself yet. Each day is a bit better.

  • 2 months sick!! Well I suspect you had a weakened immune system. You're just going through an exceptionally tough time!! You need to catch a break. I'm glad you can say each day is a little better. I hope and pray that that continues.

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