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I have suffer struggle with GAD for my depression, anxiety disorder and worry too much too! I hate GAD and i don't like it so i hate myself because no one do accept me for who i am. I wanna GAD goes it away and i wanna feel much better so i can stop depression, anxiety disorder and stop worry too much it cause me ruin my serious relationship with my man. It all my own fault!! I felt so bad for in all the times.

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You should not hate yourself for having GAD. It's not your fault. I have OCD and depression and is NOT my fault. You just have to treat it with therapy and meds.Many, many people have these anxiety disorders. Take care.

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It is something to be managed, not wished away. There are so many worse conditions you could have. Think of it this makes you who you are, and that is someone who cares and understands others. I have had it my whole life and will manage it my whole life. I am happy. With meds and therapy and a course called DBT I am at peace. I'm 58 years old. Take care people care and depend on you.


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