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New to group. First time in peer group.


Hello my name is Joyce. I am 36. I have struggled with anxiety and add since puberty and now severe depression for the first time. I have been abandoned(for lack of a better word) by my mother and family. I am dealing with it badly and not coping well at all. I am in a new town and different state and I know only 3 people here and social isolation for 4 months now. My bf of 6 years has taken to be mentally and emotionally abusive and keeps me isolated but I have nowhere to go and do not want to be alone. want and need help and have alot to say but that is all for now.

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kinikia95ADAA Volunteer

Hi Joyce, this is a great group. I'm 48 and I've struggled with anxiety since 18 and now depression. I am also cut off from my mother and family. Ultimately it was my decision but i feel like they left me no choice. I am totally isolated socially. I feel for you. I would like to hear more about your boyfriend and his making you isolated because that tends to lead to physical abuse. Whatever you feel comfortable sharing we are definitely here to listen.

Bayjaytom, you are right social isolation is the worst for depression. It's hard to meet new people when you are depressed. But force yourself out and be friendly. It can't hurt and only can help. Do you see a therapist? Are you on meds? If you don't have money apply for Medicaid .i am on it because I make little money and it's really good. Don't allow your boyfriend to abuse you. If you can have a talk with him. He can't hold you hostage. I have OCD, anxiety and depression. I am just starting to feel better after 4 months. It does go away with treatment and behavior change. This is a good site. We are here for you. Write back

Bayjaytom in reply to Ddorne

I have been on medicine in the past but am not currently it's been 6 yrs or so. Since what I took in my 20s stopped working and started making me way worse. I tried 5 or so different kinds the next year and none worked. But thank you I am trying to socialize but I don't K of how to go about it really

Joyce, it a big world out there filled with people like us. Try church or whatever religion you might have. Being apart of a group that helps people helps you too. I know first hand the pain you feel, it's awful. Move forward in your efforts to feel better. Make a plan, look for the good. Get professional help. 😊

Don't isolate. That can be very bad. Try and chat with anyone in the community. Do you have a therapist or meds? They can really help.If your boyfriend is abusive, stay away. I know it's hard. But more importantly get a therapist.


I am 34 and finally got out of an abusive relationship. I'm so glad the daily bouts of crying finally stopped. Although, I am now experiencing periods of time in which my body shakes because I'm still scared or something. I think I'm on the road to recovery, it takes time. You are not alone.

Thank you everyone. This group is something I've needed to be a part of for years now. Being from a small town where everyone knows your business or makes it up for you and everyone is so bored or repressed ita hard if not impossible to trust people. Awesome

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