Anyone Can Suffer

Anyone Can Suffer

I found out I had anxiety in the seventh grade when the thought of going to school would send me over the edge. I would end up on the floor of my mom's car hyperventilating and crying. I found out I struggled with depression my sophomore year in high school when I the thought of leaving the house made me want to throw up. I thought I was a dudd and everyone would be so much better without me. You look at me and I look like a happy young girl with a lot ahead of me. I'm Miss Sandy International, competing to be Miss Utah International next month and even I struggle every day with my anxiety and depression. I found that serving others, volunteering, painting, and of course my favorite, dancing are what keep my mind in the right place. I have found that stressful situations like driving long distances, or surrounding myself with negative people do not. What I am trying to get across here is 2 things. One, even someone who seems to be living a wonderful happy life can be suffering, and two, everyone has different things that help them or set them off. I love this group because I feel as though people can speak freely in here. Without feeling judged or like it is taboo. But my platform is about talking about it out loud. With your families, get the word out there that it happens to so many more people than you think. The more we feel we can talk about it, the more likely your child or even a stranger will feel like they can tell you what they're going through and they can get help through the group, or through a doctor, before anything bad can happen. Thanks for reading!

Sincerely, the anxious depressed Pangeant Girl.

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  • I agree this group is fantastic! People like you who are pageant girls and traditionally beautiful are often overlooked as not needing help but it's untrue and unfair. Some would consider it a " high class problem" but that means nothing when you are going through it. I'm glad you have found positive outlets for your issues. I hope you go far and are able to take your message to as many people as possible to try and erase the stigma. We're all human regardless of the way we look. I admire you for putting yourself out there. Good luck!

  • Thank-you for sharing your story! Good for you for not letting anything stop you. As hard as I know it is you are an inspiration that we can work through this and not let Anxiety/Panic stop us.

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