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Staying in the moment

I'm trying to figure out how to stay in the momen around other people instead of analyzing them, analyzing myself, and analyzing what they are thinking about me.

This, I feel, styilfes me at work and at family gatherings (like yesterday for Thanksgiving).

Although realizing it's going on might be 1/2 the battle, knowing it's hapening also leads down a viscious cycle in my head and that much harder to come back to the moment / outside world.

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I completely can feel the same. I'm trying to relax during those times and try to attitude adjust myself into that. I can spend time being paranoid of how I'm coming across to others and find myself more miserable because I'm not enjoying the moment and then I try to stay away from those things which only hurts me in the long run because I'm missing out and isolating myself more.

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I think this is a great goal to work towards, if you're being mindful of the current moment then you won't be thinking of all the other thoughts that come into our heads. Just Be! Be there in the conversation, be there as you are eating your meal or helping in the kitchen. Just in that moment and that moment only. I love it as a goal for myself because I'm always worried about what others think of me and what I say in a conversation. After a conversation is over I play it over and over again in my head hoping I didn't sound stupid. When I think of it now, I bet the others can't even recall what was said word for word. They most likely remember they had a good time and enjoyed getting to chat with each other. Sure they probably remember things that were discussed but chances that they remembered exactly what each person said is slim to none. I am saying this now and hope I can think this way the next time I'm with a group of family or friends trying to enjoy the time together.

I hope what I said makes sense to you...lol...it did to me... see there i go worrying my words are all jumbled and nonsense. I need to relax. Good night and thank you for the new goal idea!

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I totally get you and I suffer this every single time I am with my political family. I feel that if I change (which I want) they will think I am phony or fake and that is what stops me from improving.

Fake it till you make it? I guess so


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