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Help us raise awareness. #Triumphoveranxiety!

Help us raise awareness. #Triumphoveranxiety!

HealthUnlocked and Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) are teaming up to raise awareness of anxiety. And, to do this we need your help!

Here is how you can take part:

• Take a piece of paper and in thick black or blue pen write the one thing you wish other people could understand about anxiety?

• Take a photo of yourself (or ask someone else to do it) holding the piece of paper.

• Share the photo here on our Anxiety and Depression Support community or, if you prefer email it to

We may contact you to ask for your consent to use this image in our anxiety campaign. This will include use in the media and HealthUnlocked and ADAA social media accounts. There is no obligation to agree or take part.

Kind regards

ADAA Community Admin

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I've just taken part in #TriumphOverAnxiety at



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