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Hair problems

Has anyone else had their hair fall out as they were recovering???


Hello, Does anyone have any experience with the medication Escitalopram? My doct...

I don’t know how to stop

Hi I’ve had bulimia for more than 25 years. I now live on my own so no need to ...
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Hello Girls Just would like to know if anyone as gone through IVF following Ano...

Help to start eating disorder clinic/centre

Hi if anyone could help me with regards to how I set up my own business for eati...

Coping with body changes

Hi can anyone help please. I'm recovering from anorexia binge purge subtype. I w...


I'm new here. I decided to join after texting a crisis hotline. I joined mainly ...

Im not anorexic or bulimic but

its as close to EATING issues on this site -looking to gain disorder INSITE

Any advice

I cant seem to be gaining anymore weight. Im stuck at 80 pounds and everyone kee...

Daughters bulimia

My daughter is 16 , she is going through bulimia right now, she has been getting...

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