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All posts for September 2013

Why do I get headache and aching eyes after I've eaten?

Does anyone else experience.this whilst recovering from bulimia anorexia.

I feel so scared about my bulimia but don't know where to turn :( anyone have any advice?

It's been two years now and I honestly don't feel there's anyone to talk to. My ...

I am convinced my 15 yr old daughter is sliding into Anorexia but is not yet underweight. How can I help her avoid the real illness?

She is obsessivley calorie counting adn eating only about 8/900 calories. No per...

Programme on Radio 4 about anorexia

Just in case anyone might be interested, there is going to be a radio programme ...

On my road to recorvery, i come across a hard obsticle of when i eat after awhile i get nacious and cant keep my meal down, un intending to?

How can i keep from this happening??

Accepting Disorder

I didn't want to tell my family that for the past two years, while I was safely ...

My 25 year old has just told me she has been bulimic for past 7 years and needs help wat advise can u give me to support her She has seen Gp

Prescribed fluoxetine and is waiting for a call back from help centre for CBT I ...