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Does anorexia only get managed not cured


I became anorexic late on in life at my worst about 4 years ago.. I finally got help and slowly over about a year working with a dietician I gained weight. The last year I've had stomach trouble and well as acute mental health probs. I had a gastroscopy to look inside my stomach and it found nothing. But still I don't want to eat much. I haven't eaten a meal in a year now. I mostly eat pretzels! I haven't lost weight but now I'm scared of food. I eat the same thing every day. Is this the eating disorder biting back or what?

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Think you should seek medical help - eating this sort of diet is not providing your body with the nutrients it needs. I would also suggest you need some counselling support - as well as the dietary help - to look at what's behind your current feelings/thoughts around food - eating disorders can get hold of your mind so quickly and distort your views - don't leave getting help - the longer you leave things the more entrenched they become - there is recovery - but in my experience you can't do it with out professional help. Good luck.


I agree with crazycrossstitcher, to fight the eating disorder you really need psychological therapy, preferably from a specialist E.D unit to teach you the mental tools needed to understand what are anorexic thoughts, why they are there and how to fight them. Its great that you are seeing a dietician but she won't have that knowledge so won't be able to help you fight these thoughts. As for total recovery, I have met a few people who have completely recovered, one had been ill for over 20 years. The nurses, dietician, psychiatrists, pschologists and occupational therapists (!) in the specialist unit I have had treatment from all say complete recovery is possible for everyone. It is so sad to hear when people say recovery isn't possible - that you have to just manage it - my Gp and manager at work think this, but they aren't specialists so I choose to think optmistically and believe I can get better! After all - we weren't born with anorexia and can remember being 'normal' so we can have that as I goal to achieve again! I always think if you have the stength and determination to get to such a low weight you definitley have the strength and determination to get back up! I am certain you can do it!

thanks for the replies. i no longer see anyone from the ED service. I'm told I have complex mental health issues yet the m h services are considering whether to discharge me because they can't help me anymore. I have told them I'm struggling with the eating and my GP prescribed me some vitamins. I know the old habits have returned and I'm scared that they will get out of control again. Last time I just couldn't understand why I couldn't control my mind - it didn't seem logical. I know that it is not helping my mood either or my sleep. I thought I had won the battle. Basically I have asked for help but been offered none. I think both of you are correct that I can't do this on my own.

So sorry your having trouble not only with Anorexia but Severe Menal Health issues too! I agree wholehearlidly with the other, NO you can"t do this alone! I also suffer from Complex Anorexia Nervosa and chronic mental healh issues! Have been for over 20 years. It actually took me nearly loosing my life last year. Rushed to Inrenstive Care with Pneumonia, developed Septecemia and my vttal organs started "shut-down". I was hooked up to all types of machines and husband was told it was"nt looking good that I would survive! Obviosly I did much to amazement of all Consultant Anaethestics.

I was taken by Spcialised High-Risk Eating Disorder Team. Psychologist, Councellor, Dieitian and Occupational Therapist on Board. I see 1:1 Councellor (told me I am @ intensive Care degree of Anorexia) as my BMI was only 12 @ Christmas and beginning of the year. Sice seeing my Councellor who is absolutely fantastic. She explained that with Anorexia you have to pull out the weeds (had treatment years ago bt relapsed bt she told me the "Roots" had to come out too and they were"nt dealt with @ that tme). I have gained not just weight bt so much knowledge about AN and trust her completely when she tells me "YES!!" there is such thing as full recovery!!

I have to agree with the others you cannot do this alone! The Clinic I"m with has saved my life and there is no time-limit on recovery, everything is taken @ my pace! They truly saved my life as I was told if had Pnemonia or some other serious infection my body & immune system being so low I would"nt have be able to fight it again at such low weight & BMI. I am just so grateful to the Team I am with now!!

I sincerely hope you can get some help @ least into an Eating Disorder Clinic before Anorexia destroyes you. Good Luck. Praying for you. God Bless Betty Baby X

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Betty Baby

Thank you for taking the time to reply you must still be pretty bad even now. At my worst my BMI was about 15 and I still looked like a skeleton. I didn't realise until my nephew took a photo of me with his new baby. I agree about taking things at your own pace but I've been told I made 'no measurable improvement' with my mental health probs and that no one get long term help anymore. I tried so hard to help myself and I was gutted that in the professional's eyes it wasn't good enough. I can't just magically stand and say 'yes I feel so much better thanks very much'. I'm not really sure whether I have the physical and mental energy to fight for help anymore. I feel beaten by the 'system'.

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Hi Tigger77,I am sincerely sorry that I hav"nt replied to you until now! Unfortunetely my treatment did"nt work out so well with the Specialised High-Risk Eating Disorder Team @Psychiatric Hospital. I have/am still going through a Nervous Breakdown and I hav not looked @ my lap-top for approx 9 months or more, hence no reply from me, I sincerely apologise for this.

It has been an extremely long time since our last contact. I just pray that you did finally receive the help you so desperately needed for your Anorexia and other major mental health issues. I can completely empathise and sympathise with you at this present moment in time. Please do not hesitate to contact me again if I can be of any assistance/help to you and promise a prompt reply this time, as I am now back on-line, so to speak.

I am thinking of you, praying for you also.

Take care of yourself.

Best Wishes. God bless

Bettybaby X

In my experience most learn to manage their ed's..I do...but I dont think its curable. But the obsessive side can be calmed down a lot. I eat mostly rice or veg nowadays but if I have say a donut I eat it and I wont make myself sick as ive managed to control myself so I don't freak out anymore. Finding a renewed faith In jesus really helped me overcome the worst and this is coming from someone who has had an ed since I

Was In my teens and im now 44.

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