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does anyone else suffer chest pains?

i have suffered from an eating disorder for about 5 years now however have been fully recovered before but still struggle. i have slipped back into my bulimic behaviours and suffer from terrible anxiety. i have recently started having chest pains. the doctor has reassured me its not my heart or lungs but its starting to worry me now as it sometimes makes me feel like i cant breathe and aches alot. has anyone else experienced this type of pain? im not not sure if its just anxiety but the pain is pretty much constant.

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Hi, my son has an eating disorder, he is now 15 but has struggled for 5 yrs at least. He experienced chest pains and at the start it was thought it was connected but it turns out after ecg's etc it's not his heart but low muscles around his ribs mean that they go into spasm. It is very painful for him and there is little I can do to help him. As he has put a little weight on these pains seem to be getting less so I do agree with the professionals....although in the begining I was very worried too. Have you had tests?? If not I would ask if you could have some to put your mind at ease. We were told at one point that if the pains go on for 15mins to go straight to A and E so that may be an option for you? Take care.


Thanks so much for your reply


StarB, If you are back to purging, binging or restricting it mucks up mineral levels in your body and blood, this could be the cause of chest pains. You should go to your GP or hospital, as Cassie said her son had it investigated to find out what it was. You are worrying about it or wouldn't have asked, so go and get the help you deserve. You can beat this, you've done it before but you need to get on top again. Good Luck


Hi dear. I also had chest pains when my ED started and even if I only had it for a few months, it developed into arrhythmia that I have had for 6 years now. I use medication for it that makes my pulse slower.

Having a heart disease is not a joke and it also affects your lungs. I advice you go for a heart ultra to check your heart if things start getting worse. Be careful and take care of yourself.

Love, Maria


Yes. I suffer from Anorexia as well as other things like PTSD. It can feel like you have to gasp for air and it's exhausting to breathe. My therapist has reassured me multiple times that because my BMI is low but not low enough for muscles to start to deteriorate, that it is just anxiety. Emotions can have extreme tolls on our physical health as well, and it's good that you recognize this. I hope it goes away for you soon. It's still here for me and it hurts and sucks, I know. Hang in there.


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