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Is yellowing around and inside my eyes a sign of liver damage?

I've has anorexia for over 2 years now and have put my body through hell in that time. Constantly losing weight, exercising excessively and then putting on a little weight before I freak out as I'm scared I'm getting too fat and then start to lose weight again and on and on it goes in a vicious circle. Have noticed a yellow tint to my eyes when I pull my eye lids down and am scared it might mean that I've damaged my liver. Has anyone else had this or know anything about this? I've lost weight again and am down to only 9 stone and I'm 5 foot 11. Feel really trapped at the minute and scared, I know I have to start eating again as I can't afford to lose any more weight, but my anorexic voice is so loud at the minute and is screaming for me to lose more weight. Can't see my counsellor till next friday and needed to share this with soemone, so have posted this as I know people understand what I'm talking about and will be able to offer advice. What can I do as I find it so hard to eat even the smallest amount without severe stomach pains at the minute, but I really want to eat at the same time as I'm in so much pain physically.

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Hello city life. It sounds like you are in such a difficult place physically and mentally atm. Have you seen your GP recently or had any blood tests done? If you haven't, I would really encourage you to try and get to your dr for a check over. Yellowing of eyes and stomach pains when eating do need checking out, especially as you yourself know what your body has been subjected to over the last couple of years.

You aren't alone with the feelings of being trapped, or the battle between logically knowing you need to eat more vs the anorexic voices that scream louder and's like being tortured 24/7.

Please get yourself checked out ASAP. What sort of other support are you receiving? Have you got folk around you who know what you are going through? Keep writing on here and know there are others thinking of you xxx


Hi Harpangel, yes i have had blood tests done. I collapsed a few weeks ago and was taken to hospital, they did blood tests and said my potassium and magnesium levels were really low. But because the nurse I saw wasn't really very caring and came across as judgemental I didn't ask her more and clammed up when she questioned me about my eating. I am going back to my doctors in a weeks time and will have repeat blood tests done, I'm going to ask about my liver etc then. I have three great friends who are always there for me if I need to talk, txt or meet up so in a way I am lucky. Unfortunately my family are not so understanding and after my last relapse after Christmas my step mother told me that her and my Dad are too old to go through this again and bascically 'if you want to continue with this then you are on your own'. It really hurt me, but thankfully my counsellor and friends are there for me and I know they always will be until I beat this horrible illness. Thank you for your reply, it helps knowing ppl understand and can offer advice.


Please make an appointment to see your GP asap. I saw a liver specialist before Christmas and he told me that liver damage is possible.

You know you need to eat. I guess the best option is to eat fairly bland foods like those given to invalids in days gone pass.

Please please get professional help. I'm thinking and praying for you


I have got an appointment a week on Monday for repeat blood tests. The last ones were taken when I was rushed into hospital a few weeks ago. I have tried to eat scrambled egg today and have had a yogurt but it took me nearly an hour to eat it. It tears me apart that I find it so difficlult to just 'eat'!!. Wish I could just feel hungry and eat without analysing everything first and worrying about the calories and how much weight I'll put on. I can't remember what normal eating is anymore. Thanks for your reply it helps knowing you are there, understand and are praying for me.


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