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Bulimia Treatment?

So at the start of the new year i finally went to the doctors after 6 years of keeping my bulimia a secret. Now i have to wait until April for an appointment at the Mental Health Clinic. Just wanted to know if anyone else has been before (i don't know what to expect), i'm worried about waiting so long to go that i might not be have the courage to speak about by then.

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It makes me so sad to hear this scenario time and time again, ie the long weight to see a professional when you have plucked up the courage to ask and are probably in the right place to go forward. Whilst you are waiting I'm wondering if there are any charities that would offer you counselling or support. I think that you are probably to far away from SWEDA which is based in Somerset, because they will try and see clients within a week if possible. Did your GP signpost you to any other support services? Or suggest private counselling? Keep enquiring whilst y are waiting for your appt and well done for finally asking for help.


Thanks for this reply :) No my GP has had no contact with me since i first went. They have been pretty much useless and unhelpful to be perfectly honest. I'm very disappointed in the way they have handled this. I have tried researching for support groups around my area but have had no luck. I think i would be too worried to attend just incase i saw anyone i knew. I'm very private about my problems.



Well done for going for help! It's a huge step that you should feel very proud of.

My daughter has just been referred for a second time and has her assessment appointment at the end of February. She is only young so is being seen by CAMHS but they have been really helpful. I called them and they have been able to suggest strategies and a support group, plus requesting weekly check ups with the GP to monitor her. It just helps keep the momentum and desire for help there.

I don't know if this helps, but I also wrote a letter to the team who would be assessing and helping with my daughter at CAMHS, explaining as much about her bulimia and how she felt from her point of view and ours. I think it really helped speed things up.

Keep strong, well done, and good luck. Xxx


Hi, thank you for this :) i really didn't think anyone would reply. I think i will contact where i'm going to see if they can get me in sooner, i really need it. I haven't told my parents, only my 2 managers ( i'm regretting telling one of them now though as she keeps making jokes about the whole situation which is really not helping me) at work know and my boyfriend so i couldn't ask them to write a letter.

Thanks so much! xx


Hi,Well done for facing your "FEARS"(Feace Everything And Recovery!), a fellow suffer toldme this, it really stuck in my mind and propelled me forward into getting help. The Key to Recoveryis Acceptance, so by starting theball rolling after 6 years takes immense amount of Courage!!

I too had to wai ta while for an appointment, like you desperate to been seen asap before I lost my nerve so to speak. I know this sounds crazy it did to me but a friend of mine suffers from bulimia, suggested I go along with her to a Self Help Group for OA (Over-eaters Annonymous!! I said you"ve got to be joking!". However I did go (glad I did) I found tremendous support from the Group, there were probably more members suffering with bulimia and other different Eating Disorders including Anorexia (whichI suffer from),they are all Eating Disorders and I could relate to the members in the room completely as they openly shared their experiences for me, also available after the Meeting to speak to people with same ED as yourself gave me a tremendous amount of help and support.

You said you were a very private person this organisation is charity based and completely Annonymous and iif you did happen to know someone you knew there they are the for exactly the same reason as yourself!! They give you a "Starters Pack" (no obligation to go back if its not for you). Also there is alot of literature about bulimia on how, where to get the right sort of help for you. Members gave me their telephone numbers too if I wanted to contact them for any questions and support.

I would highly recommend to give it a go, what do you have to loose!! They could also give you feed-back from their own experiences of dealing with the Professionals and prepare you of what to expect, guide you to questions to ask ect.

I think you can find OA Support phone number on-line as to the nearest (or furtherest away if you choose) Group. They can tell you where and when meetings are if you decide to give it a go?!

Good luck to you whatever you decide to do. Remember you are not alone!

I will be praying for you.

God Bless x



I know exactly how you are feeling. At the age of 13, my parents took me to the GP and I was seen by someone for a few sessions of therapy but because I didn't want to recover, I pretended I was okay and over it and was just have a teenage drama. She stupidly believed me and within 6 months of the first GP appointment, I was discharged as a 'moody teenager.' 6 years later is where I am now and my bulimia has spiralled out of control. I went to see the GP in November? because I needed things to change. I was then referred and had an assessment at the mental health clinic. I was then assigned a key worker and referred to the eating disorder service. although I can talk with m keyworker when I need to, we don't have very regular appointments and dont receive any therapy or help there, more just self help for depression which I now have. I have to wait another 8 weeks for an assessment at the eating disorder service and it feels like im being dragged through hell and back waiting for an appointment.

its awful cos you feel like people dont believe you or your not 'sick' enough for their help and begin to feel even more worthless and depressed like there never gunna be a way out. but inevitably, its ourselves that need to do the work to get better, they are just there to give us advice on how and from my experience, chat rooms like these are a lot more helpful than the therapists and people on here actually understand the feelings of being burdened with an eating disorder. I often get wrong for not speaking enough In the sessions but this is because im quite a private person and dont want to be judged. basically, when you get an appointment, youll have an assessment with a cpn who goes through all your life history and tries to find out why your suffering, with what exactly and how much and what help you need. they then speak with their boss who meets with both of you to explain your 'care plan' and then youll be assigned a key worker as you need one to access the eating disorder service. you also need to be weighed etc. I refused and had to go back 3 weeks later other wise I wouldn't be accepted- just to pre warn you!

wish you a speedy recovery and here if you need to chat about anything!


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