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My girlfriend has bulimia, what can i do to help her recover?

hi i just want to know what i can do to help. please

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Wow big question and I wish that I could give you a step by step guide, but the reasons why bulimia starts and continues are so varied. The fact that you know, is important, as eating disorders thrive on secrecy and deceit. I am wondering if she told you or if you found out? I would encourage you to discuss the situation with her when you both feel able and don't let it become a taboo subject. Of course this will need to be handled with care.

I do not know of any groups in your area, but maybe search the net for any help that is available. Support for the carer is just as important as it is for the sufferer as you are involved in their day to day life. There are such organisations you may just have to search hard for them.

As I say every case can be different and it can be a long road to recovery, but it truly is possible to change the situation, and she sounds lucky to have someone like you who cares about her and wants to help.


I can understand your desperation - its so difficult watching the person you love suffer and feeling unable to help. If she has told you about her problem this is a huge step forward - and maybe an opening to get the professional help she needs. From your point of view - if you can keep talking openly it does help. I found it helpful to set a meal plan and eat with my partner - then try to make sure I had activities to occuply myself - or we went out for a short walk. I found certain foods were particular triggers - don't suggest you avoid them completely - I made sure I was always with others when I had these - so did not have the opportunity to get into a binge situation.

Hope this helps - I fully recovered from bulimia - but it is a battle and takes time - I know that God really did bring me through in this area of my life,



I had also read this somewhere else - about keeping busy - perhaps you have advised someone else? It stuck in my head.


Hello, as above and it's good you want to do something to help out. Also see my question in my profile regarding my daughter.

Has she seen a GP, what treatment have they offered?

She had her first appointment with the Consultant Nurse today and has now been referred for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. I went with her but suggested I left the room as I suspected she wasn't divulging much information. She then had a private conversation with the nurse. I din't ask what it was about. Just hope it helps her.

Keep in touch. xx


Love her Roobs, just keep on loving her. Hold in your mind who she really is. Not who she is now when the illness has a hold. Keep talking. Do not judge her. As far as you are able make the bulimia a non-issue in your relationship. This is not the same as ignoring it and certainly isn't enabling it but it is about not allowing it to be anything you fight over or try to take away from her. It won't be easy but you can survive this together.

Also read some of the other posts on this site and you'll hear from other sufferers the help and support that they have needed (and sometimes not received).

Best Wishes,



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