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Has anyone found the Recovery Record app for their smartphone?

I've been using it for a couple of months now. It is basically an electronic food diary which sends little affirmations, etc for each entry you log.

I'm not sure if it would work for everyone but it is free and I've found it a really useful support at the moment while I'm waiting for professional help. Beats scrappy bits of paper in the bottom of my bag anyway!!!

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I had no idea that this existed, but what a good idea for when you're out and about. It certainly does beat bits of paper, and you can use it for therapy sessions too.

I actually wish it had been around when I was ill. Hope it's helping you.


I have this!! It's useful at times when I feel I am eating more than I am as it shows me I am eating a healthy amount and encourages me :) I sometimes find logging meals unhelpful as I get rather obsessive - but I am learning when it helps and when it doesnt, and using the recovery record app when it helps me :D


i've just downloaded this. As was logging food with another app, but it praises you for being under calories, which is becoming very unhelpful! Thanks


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