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Does anyone else have a problem with touching food?

Hi everybody,

I have been anorexic now for nearly 10 years and have also deveoped a sort of OCD concerned with the idea of absorbing calories through my skin - I won't touch any food apart from food that I am actually going to eat and am constantly washing my hands to get rid of any calories that might be lurking there. I know this must sound crazy and rationally I know that people can't take in calories through their skin, or how would people work in restaurants, etc., but I just can't summon up the courage to break the habit :( Is there anyone else out there who has experienced a similar problem??

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Hello. I do not struggle with the problem you experience, but I do also have OCD traits when it comes to food, and I do have behaviours and beliefs about food which may seem odd to people who have never experienced it. I will only eat and drink at certain times each day and am very strict about it. I also find I need to concentrate on eating, otherwise I feel like I have done the whole meal "wrong" somehow. I do become anxious around food and dislike handling or talking about food.

I don't think what you have said is crazy, as I think we can develop other problems associated with food which may seem unusual on the surface, but which are real fears for us. I too find it hard to break these habits. It is very difficult. You are not alone with your struggles though.


Thanks Purple10 :)


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