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How Do I help My Daughter

I feel so helpless my 42 year old daughter is starving herself to death and there is nothing I can do...

In the past 3 years she has gone from a healthy adult to 47kilos (a skeleton) she goes to the gym at least twice a day and eats nothing but chocolate and ice cream.

While she did seek help in June this year she hasn't kept up with it.

How can I help her...I am desperate...I DO NOT want to see my daughter in a casket.

Nothing seems to help and I do try very hard not to mention food or weight but it can be very difficult.

She is obsessed with the colour pink, always buying things she doesn't need, I am sure she is spending more than her husband is earning, and very obsessed with food. Always cooking for others but never eating it herself.

Please help me to help my beautiful daughter

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As a 40 year old desperately trying to come through an ED, be there and love her. You dont say whether she has professional support - I hope she does. You also dont say how her husband has dealt with this. It is tough on so many people for so many different reasons.

For me, what has got me onto a beginning of a journey?Love - and sometimes , tough love. I put myself in a few vulnerable situations before I realised how much an ED had taken over my life.

Ultimately, though for me it has been the consequences on my health - or example, it took me 6 months to get over pneumonia - that made me face facts. But, what I have also learnt is that it takes each individual to discover their own value. I hope your daughter with your support will find that soon xx


Thank you...

Unfortunately my beautiful daughter is not getting professional help at this time and her husband really doesn't know how to deal with it. they argue all the time which is putting a heap of strain on an already stressful situation.

She does have loving support through family and friends tho I don't think she realises this.

thank you again for your reply I am praying to God that she will realise just what she is doing to herself.



We are so sorry to read how helpless you feel and understand how difficult it is to know how best to support your daughter. We would appreciate an opportunity to talk to you if you were able to speak to the ABC parent/carer helpline (03000) 111213 Option 1. We do hope you are able to get in touch.


Thank you


I wondered how your daughter was doing - I do hope you have managed to find some support?


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