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Working on recovery from Anorexia Nervosa


Ultimately it’s your decision whether to begin to accept help and work towards recovery. Confiding in someone you trust completely, is the first step and can be a great relief. That person will be able to help you find the appropriate help, perhaps finding a counsellor to talk to, one who has a good understanding of eating disorders, or help you seek a sympathetic doctor (or nurse) who can listen to what you’re going through.

Accepting that you’re suffering is one of the hardest parts and you may try to convince yourself that there is no problem or that you are in control. Yes, you might feel in control at the start, but unfortunately as the illness gets a grip, anorexia takes more control and leaves you feeling powerless. Acknowledging how you're feeling; the tiredness, lack of concentration, feeling cold and even light-headed, feeling alone, anxious and depressed - all these need facing. You may not understand why family members, friends and colleagues seem so interfering and perhaps threaten to take responsibility, but it’s because they care about you and because anorexia can develop quickly into something that rules the mind and can seriously damage the body. Getting help before the illness controls you is possible, and seeking help as early as possible can prevent it from reaching that stage. Help is available and ABC is here for you so you can call or email us via http:/

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Totally agree - you feel in control of everything somehow - but actually its the anorexia that is in control - and the longer you live with it - the more control it has and you haven't. Getting help though - not easy - after 3 years of GPs, hospitals still not got the help I need - in the wrong post code area - wrong PCT apparently - move 10 miles and I could have access to a specialist unit - where I am you start the process then they realise help is only available outside their PCT area - and funding then becomes an issue - and then nothing happens yet again - so still trying to find help - GP is frustrated as she's hitting a brick wall - hope others have a better experience. I know I want to get better - but after 30 years with anorexia I feel like an "institutionalised prisoner" must feel - completely at a loss to know how to reinvent my life without the anorexia - no idea how to eat "normally" - but can't even find a local dietician to give me a meal plan - or a counsellor to support me - sorry to be negative - but I've not found a DIY recovery kit - and the health service seems so fund driven that they can't provide the help that people actually need.

I know exactly what you mean! It's always lack of funding! Ridiculous!

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