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anerixic vegan

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as a concious decision to feel better about what i eat i have gradually changed my diet, and lifestyle habits to spend more on speacialised food that i can trust and feel safe eating.

this is because i believe animals as in mammals including fish and insects have the same intelligence with all five sences and so don't want to be eaen to survive.

i prefer to eat what animals eat but not bugs as i believe in the 21st century and enviromental control in and with media espeacially all the available information that the study of animals and insects provide when it comes to machines.

i do believe the answers are in media and technology but our biosphere is important as well as air and i believe even a fly can be a friend called tickles and ladybugs can make wishes fly. ants even have their purpose and in religion harming something so small can effect the butterflie in our lives and livelihood.

so i choose to eat everything on my plate but meat, pulses grains, nuts, seeds, fruit and veg but dairy does still confuse me as sometimes with anersixa dairy can be medicinal. like in drink not food to survive.

thats my journey so far...

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Hi I am interested to read your post but also very concerned ?

Our eldest daughter developed anorexia and announced she was going to go vegan, she was an animal welfare activist too and posted her vegan meals on instagram but unfortunately she developed hypothyroidism

No society in the history of the world has ever been vegan, India is vegetarian but not vegan?

There are many vital nutrients that we humans absorb from meat - I hate cruelty to animals but I know now the dangers of being a vegan

My daughter now says that she became vegan to lose weight but a side effect of hypothyroidism for her was weight gain

Losing weight is probably a benefit you have considered when deciding to become vegan but you are unaware of the very real dangers to your heslth


Thanks for sharing. I agree that cruelty to animals and cruel intensive farming practices are something we need to all do our best to reduce. But not to the detriment of your health. In order to go vegan and remain healthy (which is possible but requires work) you need to be very well educated and informed, to make sure you're getting all the correct micro and macronutrients. I am in recovery from anorexia and also went vegan 7 years ago, but gradually developed many health problems. So now, I eat a plant based diet 80% of the time but include animals products sometimes too, especially around my period when my body needs it.

I am now also studying an MSc to be a nutritionist and understand the complexity of nutrition. Deficiency in micronutrient and minerals is common in vegans who don't make sure they are supplementing correctly. Low to moderate level deficiencies can cause so many health problems, so if you are set on being vegan, I suggest you invest in educating yourself about getting what you need. For me, being vegan was a legitimate excuse to cut out and restrict a whole load of foods that in my eyes were 'fattening' so it's a good idea to check in with ourself and question your real motives for choosing veganism with and ED.

Take care.x

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