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I want to get better!


Hello, I'm struggling with bulimia and I want to overcome it. I just recently finally realised I'm actually bulimic. To just about a week ago I never really categorised myself to have a eating disorder. I was so scarred and ashamed to tell about this to my mum yesterday. I knew she struggled with the same condition for half of her life, and because of that I didn't want to burden her or upset her with my own problems. To be honest I actually wasn't planning of telling her yesterday at all, but out of nowhere I found an article about a girl struggling with the same problems as me and how she overcame her fears and decided to tell her parents. I was so encouraged by her words, that before I knew it I started typing to my mum that I want to speak to her about something important. I felt so relieved after calling her, like a weight was taken off my shoulders. I'm planning on telling about my problem to my dad this evening. I'm a little scarred but I think I can do it. I decided not to hide with my eating disorder any more and to start therapy to start living and enjoying life again. I know the journey will be tough and I won't get better on the next day but I want to try.

Whish me luck on my journey to recovery.

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Admitting to yourself that you have an eating disorder is difficult and a good first step. Telling someone (your parents) is incredible. I wish you well and I hope you get the support you need from your family.

good luck with the journey - I shared with my mum and like you it was a weight lifted - no more secrets - I also sought help via GP - specialist ED counselling - so do consider getting "professional" as well as your parents to help.

Wishing you luck it is great your Mum can advise bc she had the same thing , well done , let us know how you are getting on you have our support

Amazing! Well done, it’s such a big step to take that leap by admitting it to yourself and seek help/support! I took the same leap myself last year and I understand how scary it can be! You are not alone! Xx

Well done. Great you shared.

Well done, thats very brave thing you did, and something I still haven't done. Now I'm getting specialist help maybe I can work on building up to it. I'm not even sure why I want to tell them, but it sounds like you feel a sense of relief afterwards which may be what I need too. Thanks for sharing, and good luck with the journey.


It is so brave of you to tell your story and want to wish you all the luck on your journey.

I suffered very bad for a year and it was an ongoing problem for many years before. I am much better now after a lot of work. I had lived in London when it escalated but since moving home to Ireland, doing therapy for a year and speaking to my doctor at home who is just so understanding, I am now starting to feel much better so I hope your journey will make you feel much better too :)

Sending lots of support and luck!

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