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when love interfers with care

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they say family and friends find anorexics hard to understand and that they need professional support. even with a team supporting its an illness that can be fatal. most people blame the media for a poor body image but when you do or dont care?

i remember reading about anna in school physics class in a magazine. the way it was protrayed gave the impression of postivity, something to be. thin , discplined and thin. those are the highs but the lows include voices and being decieved about true beauty. both in the physchical and mental.

it also has senile dementia attached where body language is interporeted by expects in a pycshotic uninnocent way. when this impodes anna becomes pschologically confused as to being a person of illness.

its not understood to an anorexic where these boundaries are or why they matter. in ones own world things are private and secret. just a fight with the mirror but really energy is affected.

the soul and essence of spirit, the mojo for men and the fatigue for annas.

so in a letter to her, as the achiever remember love, not just an achiever coded into non-sense but a girl to be woman. hail to the science and the learned.

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