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Meal plan help.


I want to get out of a starve-binge-starve cycle. What helped you guys climb out of this wall of death cycle??

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Decide that you want LIFE ! not just existence. Get some friends family or professionals involved to be there for you and who you can turn to for varying levels of support eg fun, compassion,advice,a listening ear ,encouragement , tough love etc.

Make the best meal plan you can, not too challenging to begin with but realistic at same time.One step at a time ,you can add challenges as you go along.

Write write write down all yourfeelings,thoughts,whatever comes up espec after eating ,it helps you process.

I trust in Jesus, so I even write to him,my constant companion

Hope some of that might help ,just my thoughts on the matter.

All very best ,hugs (( ))

Kathy .


I wrote out a meal plan - 3 main meals 3 snacks - including all ranges of food ie carbs, protein, fats - you could perhaps ask your GP/GPs nurse for help - and then tried to refer to this regularly - making sure I kept to plan - and that what I had in my cupboards only related to my weeks needs - and didn't beat myself up when I failed. I also kept a note of when I binged and any particular triggers.

This is very useful advice thank you, I’m sure my gp would be up for that.

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