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Eating disorder treatment


My doctor and I have trying to figure out how to identify my eating disorder for years and couldn't really figure it out so she talked to an eating disorder clinic specifically to understand more about it since she doesn't specialize with issues like this. While she was talking to them, she found out multiple things over the few weeks they have been in communication; A) I am in a sort of grey area and I have tendencies of both anorexia and bulimia, but I don't have either. There isn't a term for this, so they just call it an eating disorder. B) they want me to go to an outpatient treatment center like php or something like this. But my insurance won't cover it. I dunno what to do or what to think about it. should I look into something else that would cover it? My safety team is trying to help me with it. But I need to do something different. I don't think it will work alone like this. treating my depression alone hasn't changed my perspective over how i see my body. Ik i have to want to change to change, and I do, I want to be normal, but to do that i'd have to push aside my eating disorder. I have been ignoring it for years and that isn't making me any less normal. i dunno what to do or think.

sorry, just needed to rant.

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Hi, have you heard of 'Atypical Anorexia' - sounds like that? Not sure if that term is used in the USA.

no, what about it?

'Atypical Anorexia' is sometimes given to individuals that have Bulimic tendencies but are also Anorexic.

oh oh oh oh i think im gonna look more into that. thank you :)

you certainly need to get some professional help - its good your gp has been so supportive - I've cycled between anorexia and bulimia so that's nothing new - but its only by counselling that I've begun to recover - so I guess its finding a way to fund the treatment you need - Anorexia and Bulimia Care have a recovery course - try their website - that's not so expensive and might help some.

Thank you <3 I've been looking into websites like that, I have been trying to work on dbt skills, though. But ill talk about it with my team.

I was diagnosed with ‘atypical’ anorexia a couple of years ago-restrict but also binge (subjective apparently!) & purge but have a ‘normal’ BMI. I had 20wks of CBTe at a ED outpatients unit but because I couldn’t get the laxative abuse under control, and they weren’t supportive with that, I discharged myself!

I have a great GP and am also under a local hospital as have to have regular infusions for low potassium.

Sometimes ‘atypical’ anorexia/bulimia is referred to as EDNOS. It’s great that you have a good relationship with your GP and I hope you can get the help and support you need.

Take care and keep safe.

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