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Hello Ladies

Just looking for some encouragement, are there any ladies who have suffered from anorexia eventually been successful with IVF treatment.

Although I’m still struggling with Anorexia i am still wanting IVF once I’ve been given the go ahead. Just need some encouragement and positivity xx

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Hi there!

I just saw your post and first I would like to refer you to my answer to Houseelf above.

I didnt have IVF but did have medication to stimulate ovulation.

I would strongly advise anyone to be in the most stable recovery they can before embarking on having a family.You need all the reserves you can to maintain healthy pregnancy (nausea took its toll with me ,my children were healthy but I had lost weight after their births.Breastfeeding also requires that we be very well nourished.

I soo understand that so natural desire to get pregnant .My biggest advice to you dear Gor123 is EAT !!!

With love xx

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