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Please does Anyone have any advice on bloating?

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Bloating and other GI issues in recovery is really rough. There were two things and helped me when I was going through this that might be useful to you. I don't know how you have things structured, but when I was first starting recovery, I kept myself to a pretty consistent eating schedule. About an hour before each meal, I drank a glass of water with a spoonful of apple cider vinegar to help add digestion. It easily could have been a placebo effect, but I think it helped a bit. After eating, I also did some very short, very gentle yoga designed to add in digestion (I used something I found on YouTube). Neither of these strategies were cure-alls but they did help make me feel a bit more comfortable.

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I am also bloating and G.E.R.D problem started just 2 days after i quit smoking. Pls advice