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I am New: Getting Help With Mental Health Conditions


Is anybody else experiencing problems with getting NHS help?

I am at a stand still, perhaps because I live in South London'

I have been waiting more than 6 months to be assigned a psychotherapist for bulimia after having two assessments. When I call there is no information for me. I am not allowed talking therapies because I am on a waiting list. I suffer depression, anxiety, CPTSD and agoraphobia. I have no family and friends no longer answer the phone because of my negativity and all I want is someone to talk to. Other than this site, does anybody have any other information. I'm still waiting for my local MIND to get back to me after phoning and emailing them. I'm putting in the work to get myself out of this rut by looking at different organisations on the Web, but nothing is transpiring. Spending days in silence just makes my mental illness worse: It is debilitating and makes me feel worthless because I have no purpose.

Be Peaceful and Kind


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Hi Julie,

I’m sorry about what you’re experiencing. I’m someone who’s supporting a family member with Anorexia Nervosa. I’m sorry you’re friends don’t want to speak to you, I wish my family member did so I could support them regardless of what was being said.

Have you tried the befriending service ABC have? Here’s the link: anorexiabulimiacare.org.uk/...

I’ve only read about it, don’t have experience of using it etc. I hope it helps.

Please remember you’re amazing and stronger than you can imagine. It may not feel that way but it’s true. The power you have to instigate positive changes is there and possible but, support will help bring that out. Wishing you well and sending you so much light and positivity. I hope that you get the support you need to fight this xxxxx

Hi Catwalktalk

Thank you for your message. The only thing missing in this world right now is LOVE, caring and a kind of understanding of what many people's challenges are. We all need to come together and spread love amongst our fellows, engage and help each other out and show our hearts. I've always and will always show unconditional love, but sometimes this has been defied leaving me in turmoil and unable to trust. Can't see the woods amongst the tree, can't see the person who wants to hurt me. All that hurt is so wrong so wrong, as much as I want to be strong to be strong. It's a burden of youth, and I want to say my truth, but will anybody listen, that is the question. I try, oh I try as life goes by but some people are cruel and just want to rule, your life. Our mouths are shut, upsetting our gut, our nutrition is gone, when we did nothing wrong. The mental killers get away scott free, whilst you and I just want to be. In a caring world we'd all live so well, but instead of course it's a living hell. Live a life of peace and love and pray and pray to the Lord up above. To save us all that's all I pray that we all might fight another day.

Thank you so much

Peace & Love should rule the World

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