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I don't know

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I think i have an eating disorder. Or well disordered eating. I think i might and i'm worried about myself. I go for along time without eating. It not on purpose i'm just not hungry or i just literally can't eat. I'll order food because i know i need eat but i can't. Sometimes the food grosses me out and sometimes i cry because i can't eat the food. Especially with new food.

I don't know if i have eating disorder for sure this just seemed like a good idea

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I think you need to talk to someone about this - ABC and BEAT both have good helplines - going for periods without food and finding it difficult to eat obviously impact on your weight and health - so a check up with the GP would be wise.


You need to find the reasons why. I think you should see a psy ! New year, New you


Great insight! There is an issue of concern...could be an eating disorder or it could be something else and this is how you respond to it. Either way it deems seeking professional help so that your health does not continue to decline.

Just some additional ideas:

Start keeping a daily food diary (whether you eat or not).

Add what the events that impacted you that day were.

Can you remember when this started?

Is this consistent or do you cycle through these episodes?

What is your eating lifestyle like when this does not occur?


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