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How to deal with eating disorders when you are alone?

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Hi, I never been diagnostic with eating disorders but I always been slim since I was young and always thought I had a problems with food. Now I’m passing across anxiety and stress and many problems. I’m married but my husband doesn’t have patience to deal with that. He never understood what mental disorders mean even if he tried. My family is in another country so I feel so alone and with the depression i feel lost.

Also I’m having problems in my marriage. I feel very depressive cause I’m scared to be by myself and start again.

When I feel like that I stop eating or I eat a little bit, I realized that happens when I’m having big problems or when i start to eat regularly. My question is how to deal with that when there’s no one to help you? I don’t have close friends so I don’t know who to tell it.


2 Replies

it sounds like you need to seek some help and quickly - suggest you visit your gp and discuss the treatment options available - with the eating and depression - you can also ring the anorexia and bulimia helpline and chat confidentially with them - but do seek some professional help - you are certainly not alone in your struggles.


Hi Xt3fx. I’m so sorry to hear you’re having such a tough time. And you have been brave to speak out about it. I am not clear whether you are in the UK or not. Here there are a few helpful charities you could contact for advice and support.

BEAT (beating eating is one such. You are not alone.


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