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Eating disorder clinic

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Hi I've been on here a while but haven't posted .I have been referred to an eating disorder clinic on the NHS and was wondering what happens and if people found it helpful. I just feel a fraud as I'm currently 14 stone and I'm not skinny .I was referred in the past I didn't go as a few of the women there was a lot smaller than me. But I struggle to eat before 7pm I'm trying to eat earlier in the day but its hard to get an appetite when this has been my routine for a long time Also is it a common thing that you compare yourself with other people seeing if you are smaller or bigger than you .Thanks Helen

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Hi, I have been in an eating disorders clinics 3 times, as an in patient, I didn't find it helpful. eating 3 large meals a day wasn't the problem, holding it down was. a lot of the young girls play games, with weights on there ankles, water overloading. its basically, 3 months of hell. with no support afterwards, when you get out.

Hi, I recently discharged myself from being an outpatient with a local ED unit. The support and talk therapy side of things was good but I found it difficult to completely engage as I don’t eat breakfast, have never really eaten breakfast and this was part of the ‘regular’ eating routine. In principle it all makes sense, nothing I didn’t know and some great strategies...if you’re prepared to give it ago. I wasn’t ‘text book’ and in the end I felt like I was taking the place of someone who might actually succeed so I pulled out, I guess I’m not really ready yet.

I think as humans we constantly compare so that is completely normal but with disordered eating comes disordered thinking so the thoughts can be what others would consider very irrational.

I would often sit in the waiting room and think that people were looking at me like I was too fat... but are they really thinking that or is it just us!

I think it doesn’t matter whether you’re 6 stone or 20stone, I’d you have an issue with food that impacts on your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing then help is needed. The psychiatrists/psychologists/counsellors won’t be judging you.

Remember that you deserve to be happy & take small steps, no two people are the same.

Be brave, go along and see what it’s like...if you’re ready for recovery you deserve some help.

Be kind to yourself and good luck. X

Glad you are being offered help - it took me 2 years of battling to get any support - grasp it with both hands - its a tough and challenging experience - but offers you a chance to recover. Comparing with others is common - I experience it and find it really hard to be "me" rather than trying to be someone else. Breaking habits around food is a tough one - and the in -patient treatment will test you on this - but isn't that what you want - to recover - hopefully they will also have group and counselling alongside meal time - which will help you explore your thoughts and feelings around food. Make sure you talk about support after the in patient stay - and get some dietary help with a meal plan when you leave to help you. The outcome might be down to you - if you decide not to engage and to ignore advice given as it challenges your thinking - then obviously you won't get anything out of it - but if you take what you can - challenge your thinking - then change and recover are possible. Good luck.

Recovery is real I am proof 40 yrs anorexia and now recently recovered amen

You can have an eating disorder at any weight. If it’s negatively impacting your life, destroying relationships, school, careers, your health, e tc... than you deserve help wetgere you are underweight, overweight or normal weight.

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