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Hello all I was wondering if anyone as ever had IVF after Anorexia??

Im just recovering from Anorexia although its been a difficult journey and still is. I still have the restrictive thoughts and my mind keeps playing games. I want to try for my fourth cycle of IVF as soon as the consultant agrees.

Anyone with an advice or success stories will be appreciated xx

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It's overweight people that have more trouble conceeiving

I have known women.with. anorexia go on to have babies


Thank you for your message x

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I have a friend who managed to conceive through IVF after pretty severe anorexia - she now has a beautiful two-year old. But I will add that she was physically well when doing the IVF so you do need to get to the point where your body will cope with the treatment. Also being pregnant whilst struggling with anorexic thoughts is very difficult so if you can get yourself to a better position before conceiving then it will definitely help. Sending you best wishes x


Thank you so much for your reply. Im pleased your friend managed to get better and have a baby, this does give me some hope. Im 12 months into treatment for my anorexia and due for my ivf consultation next Friday to see what she recommends. x



I had a baby last year without IVF.

I am 38yrs old and I have suffered with eating disorders from 14 years old anorexia purge. I spent many years in my twenties drinking and abusing my body trying to shut the voice up and have liver cirrhosis. My periods have never been regular and I didn't have any at all from 28 till 37 I never used contraceptives as I thought I was infertile. I have not drank now for 7 years and I started eating better than I ever have before I fell pregnant having three periods six months apart I took oestrogen and folic acid and had reflexology and low and behold fell pregnant a total miracle x

The doctors where amazed as I'm so I'll from my eating a d drinking problems.

If it can happen to me it can happen to you xx

Keep the faith, pray and never lose hope.

I will say a prayer for you xxxx

God bless xxx


Thank you so much for your message. Well done for getting the help for the eating disorder, i know how hard it is. The voice is causing me so much distress especially this weekend. Im so pleased you fell pregnant that has given me some hope. You much be well chuffed when this happened for you. I have my Fertility consultation on Friday so i hope this is positive. Thank you so much and i send you best wishes for the future. xx


Good luck xx

Also I felt my best when pregnant and was able to eat properly xx


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