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Hi all, so I'm 3 and a half months into recovery and I've noticed over the last few days that I am reverting back to being a child. Seeking comfort in the way I did as a child (Sucking my thumb, carrying a blanket, needing constant reassurance) and also using creative ideas from my childhood as a way to calm anxiety. (Papier-mache, Blowing bubbles, painting...) it's quite embarrassing sometimes, when I'm out and all I can think about is the urge to suck my thumb. Has anybody else experienced anything like this? Love to you all 💜

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Hi ChallengeEdwina I haven't had anorexia but my 2 daughters have , the eldest for quite a while and my youngest daughter had it briefly.

I can say that every recovery is different and whatever gets you through it is OK .

When you decide to go against anorexia and all it has instilled in you, you are fighting for survival, fighting against an evil entity that was manipulating you to kill yourself by starvation, also it will tell you to kill yourself by other methods my daughter said it was telling her to throw herself under a bus - so whatever it is that is getting you back to you and away from it is fine , keep going , keep getting away from it , you are doing well in this fight God bless and give you strength


That's okay and totally normal :) don't worry and listen to your body. I did quite strange things in recovery too


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