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what should a 15 year old female eat in anorexia recovery?

i’m a 15 year old 5’1” female struggling with anorexia. i don’t have the support of my parents or a nutritionist (and i can’t get it). before my ed, i was 130 lbs (bmi 26). at my worst, i got down to 104 lbs (bmi 20). currently, i am struggling with regaining weight to my set point. i weigh 107 lbs as of today and am just looking to restore some weight and my metabolism, but i don’t know how many calories i should be eating. does anyone know?

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You really should discuss this with a health professional.

Do you have no access whatsoever to a doctor?


You need to see a professional to discuss restoration as each person needs different calories and therefore a balanced diet set for their needs and requirements. Do visit your GP. YOU could also discuss this confidentially with ABC who have a dietician.


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