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Why do I keep binging

I have for my lunch most days crackerbreads with chocolate spread and for the last 2 days a compulsion has come over me and I’ve had to finished the jars of chocolate spread. Why is it I’ve started doing this? I want to recovery and I know that means gaining weight but why am I binging?

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It is likely that your body is starved and it is compensating by binging especially if chocolate was something you had excluded. Perhaps you need to eat more than 2 crackers for lunch - a more balanced approach with protein and carbs and fruit - like a sandwich and piece of fruit. ABC have a good helpline so you could ring and chat it through with an expert - I'm a fellow sufferer and know how binging can result from starving your body and then introducing one of the things you cut out.

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If you were restricting your calorie intake for a long time your body is probably getting over excited about the opportunity to eat. Crackers and chocolate spread aren’t exactly a nutritious filling meal. Could you switch all or some of the chocolate spread for peanut butter and add in a fruit or vegetable? Also consider a yogurt to get some protein and if you keep the cracker consider relaxing it with a whole grain bread/cracker

If you still want to have the chocolate spread On bread cracker consider making a dessert to have after your nutritious meal.

Finally, please please please meet with a registered dietitian, they will be able to help you far more than anyone online can


Hello :)

that's totally normal don't worry. I had these binge moment when i was recovering... but the huge hunger you feel right now will disappear. I know for you it's really hard to beleave it right now but i can assure you that the huge hunger will disappear. Trust your body and it will trust you again. But if you don't trust your body, you will never get out of the binge-restricting cycle... :)

Greetings from Audash in my 7th month of recovery :-*


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