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Anorexia recovery rapid weight gain

I have gained 5.5kg in 3.5weeks... why am I gaining weight so quickly? Am I retaining water (I don’t look like I have Edema). Is it possible to gain that much fats? When will I stop gaining?

I also caught the flu about 5 days ago, and is almost recovering. Is that one recent why I may retain water too? I also didn’t have bowel movements since 2 days ago

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I promise you that you won’t have gained fat, it’s just water and the weight gain will slow down. I know it’s hard but you are doing the bravest thing, keep going.


At this point you are also going to be gaining muscle and your body is working to repair organs and any fat you gain is probably vital fat for your organs and not just for storing energy. I know it’s scary, when I was hospitalized they had me gaining at about 3-5 lb a week, but I promise if you hang in there your body is going to stabilize and weight gain will slow and then stop.


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