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Feeling so trapped in my own head empty ..went to see my GP ..waste of time .. not sure how I can pick myself up ...I’ve messed everything up and just want to disappear... and the second thought is ..maybe if you loose more weight someone will take you seriously and offer support... I know I’m an adult ..but I can’t make simple decision.. Has anyone had this kind of feeling that slowly they loosing control??? But the same time I know I can start again tomorrow and for sure it will be better day. I have to stop getting paranoid’s all ok..but then is it ...just feeling lost ...

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I totally understand and get what your saying. My head kept telling me that I needed to loose more weight then it will look more serious. Unfortunately it doesn't stop the illness wants you down to the bone so start fighting back now. Go see another doctor or go to hospital and tell them how low you are getting referred to eating clinic xx I'm here for you

Hello Agama. I love your ability to see beyond the dark into to lighter side. Thinking of you and sending warmest wishes.

If your GP does not take you seriously - try seeing another GP - or give the ABC helpline a ring and talk things through with them -it could be one of their befrienders might provide the support you need - it takes time - for me a year and a half of beating my head on the wall to see someone who takes me seriously and has offered help - so its perseverance - and perhaps seeing someone else with more knowledge than the GP you saw.

Unbelievable that you have been left to fend for yourself ?

You should phone up one of the eating disorder charities - not sure if you are in uk or US One thing is for sure Ana is trying to,pursude you to lose more weight reasoning that they will take you seriously but that is clearly not the case

Ana is trying to trick you into getting dangerously thin (you are already dangerously thin ) Ana wants you dead ?

you need to get a meal plan from one of those charities and you need to stick to it and not let Ana make you deviate from it

This is a fight for your survival and eating is the only way you will win

Actually going into A&E is still a good idea bc they will have to pay attention to,you and they may help you - it is worth a try - you may be lucky and get taken seriously and directed to proper help

Hi Agama , I am so sorry that you did not receive the help you so clearly need from your GP. You need to keep pushing for help which I know is not easy. I would suggest going to Beat Eating Disorders website . They have lots of suggestions on how to have successful GP appt. You need help asap. Doctors & the world in general need to realise that an Eating Disorder is a serious mental health disorder & the patient does not have to look a certain way to confirm that they have an ED . With love & best wishes xx

I feel the same all the time! One day I feel like this will kill me, the next day I'm like " well after all it's just a diet right?". I feel like my mind is playing tricks on me all the time telling me just keep going is normal not to eat anything or binging o going through phases..

And sometimes people have misconceptions about eating disorders too, even doctors.

The first gp I saw asked me if I liked food and I was like "yes" , so what? I don't hate food, that's not why I'm struggling.

Please ask to see someone else and ask for a referral. Don't get the shame and the voice in your head win.

We need and deserve to be happy and to get support <3

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