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Shops shut - anxiety

Anyone else get anxious around bank holidays knowing we can't go about our usual routines and "stock up"?

Sometimes I think it would be easier to be an alcoholic.at least then, you get help. People see that as an addiction and you are treated for that with compassion.

We are seen as half casts. We have an addiction that is cloaked is the shadows of mental illness. People think we can just "get over it".

People don't offer to help us, at least not in a supported way that takes decisions out of our hands.

We are the Inbetweeners.

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there is help out there - but it does take enormous effort to access - however ABC has a helpline that you can ring in confidence - and has befrienders who ring regularly and give you support - I did this and it was fantastic and very helpful in helping me move forward - so why not give it a go. I know routines are so hard to break - I've had to make major changes as my husband is now semi-retired so lunch times vary - our daily routine goes out the window regularly - and you can break these habits although I know just how anxiety provoking this is - I've been there and am still working on this - I have found - however- my world doesn't collapse due to doing things differently!!! Give it a go - take a breath and take the plunge - suggest you plan in advance what the new routine will be for this time I found this helped.


Hi, I have tried ABC three times and have never heard back.

I don't have a support system so it is just an exhausted me battling my mind.



I am sorry that you are feeling this way. I am here if you want to talk. Sometimes building a support system or speaking with a professional helps. Big hugs!


Yes it does. I've been trying to find any kind of support system but have not been ae to. This is why I am finding it difficult


I am here if you need/want to talk


Thank you! I've been looking at in patient and out patient places in London so will see tomorrow if my health insurance can cover it.

I think I'm too mentally exhausted to get myself back on track



Hey, I think it's hard to get support in London but your gp should make a referral to some service in your area. I don't think it's fair to pay tons of money to get help, especially since many services in London are so expensive.

I'm not sure about insurance and how it works tough


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