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Do you constantly compare yourself to other people?

Seems like everyone triggers me.. I'm in the tube and thinking " Am I like that girl?" Or " " I would like to be that skinny"..or comparing my thights or waist with anyone else..

I also ask myself if other people are thin because of an Ed or just naturally skinny..

Anyone feels this way?

I feel like I'm crazy

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It's anorexia goading you and winding you up

you need to separate what is you and what is Ana

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I know its hard to stop the mind games played by anorexia - but you were uniquely created to be you - everyone is different - they have different looks, abilities etc - and that is wonderful - you are not "mary" or "Jane" - you are "Kessa" a wonderfully created person - so celebrate your good points - don't focus on things you think are wrong with you - be Kessa, be yourself - that is all you have to be.


Thank you for the replies<3 yeah it's hard it's like a voice, it never stops taking :/


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